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The floor is included in the most important parts of your home or building. It is because they provide you with a comfortable walk and hold the furniture and other huseholdings in one place. It is available in numerous types. People can choose the most suitable one that meets their needs, appropriately. To install and repair the floor, you must hire a trained professional so that you do not face any trouble. These services are well aware of the installation and repair process. They also save you time significantly. If you are looking for flooring services in Dallas Texas, Fix Hold & Flip is an excellent choice in this matter.

Fix Hold & Flip take pride in providing the best flooring installation as well as repair services to their clients. We believe that customer satisfaction is the most important thing for a business. Therefore, we purchase the best flooring material and assign an excellent staff to completion of the project with great quality. Our workers also believe in completing their tasks, instantly. Therefore, they do not take much time to finish the installation process. Our professionals also know about modern trends. Hence, we can increase the value of your home by installing innovative flooring in your house or building.

Types of flooring we provide

Fix Hold & Flip is never limited regarding its services. We try to provide you with the utmost comfort so that you do not have to worry about anything. Therefore, we offer epoxy flooring to our clients that make their house look shiny and fascinating. Metallic epoxy floors have become a new trend in the market. For your bathroom flooring, you can access us and get the best tiles installed. The best hardwood flooring installation and repair can also be provided at your doorstep. Wood floor installation is a difficult task to do. However, our experts are highly trained in completing such projects without any worries. Carpeting of floors is also a distinctive task that people mostly get done in their garages and patio. We can also help you with that.

Why Fix Hold & Flip is the best choice

The importance of a business firm is illustrated by its work and dedication to making customers happy. Fix Hold & Flip bears the spark to provide all the essential facilities to the clients in a single place. We do not only pay attention to the quality but also put the requirements of our clients the top priority. Our experts are also there to help you with your insurance claim that you file against your damaged floor.

We document everything that shows how professional we are in doing our duties.

Flooring FAQs: Your Questions Answered

How does flooring add value?

Flooring is an essential part of construction that covers floors for a long time with different options. Flooring gives a refreshing view in residential and commercial places. Professionals suggest many options for customers in flooring to get the best return. Choose the best options after reaching experts.

What is the life of flooring?

Materials used for flooring decide the life of flooring in residential and commercial places. Rated life for hardwood is 25 years on average but vinyl may last for 15 years. On the other hand, the lifespan of carpet flooring is 5 to 15 years. Professional installation increases the lifespan of the flooring without any question.

What are flooring types?

Customers find a lot of options regarding flooring for residential and commercial projects. Hardwood flooring remains a top option for customers due to its longevity and durability. Laminate, vinyl, tiles, natural stones, and carpet are new options for customers. 

Different parts of places need other materials?

Professionals suggest that different places of homes need other materials according to the needs. A family room or kitchen are often used places that need a long-lasting option. A professional team provides the best options after a complete analysis of places to prevent further issues.

Is it possible to install new flooring on existing?

Installing new flooring on existing is possible without question for professionals. It is better to avoid this option if you do not want to attach glue to flooring. Removing old flooring may take some extra time but it is recommended. Many companies that provide flooring services in Dallas, Texas take care of this concern.

Commercial flooring and residential flooring?

Residential flooring comes in different textures and colors to match with home’s style. Commercial flooring needs durable options to stand against different conditions.

The size of space decides the flooring material for commercial places but residential designs depend upon owners. Get guaranteed options by contacting a professional flooring company.

Is laminate flooring suitable for bathrooms?

Laminate flooring is not a suitable option for a bathroom because it goes slippery. Clients prefer tiles for the bathroom and natural stones due to the easy-clean option.

Customers need to get complete details before installing any flooring in their places. Professionals share guaranteed flooring options because they understand each aspect.

What is the importance of professional installation?

There is no match for professional installation in flooring services to make it long-lasting for customers. Compromise on the floor installation is not an option for owners while hiring flooring services. Get the best options by reaching professionals to handle flooring in residential and commercial projects.

Is it possible to repair the floor?

Floor repair is an option for damages caused for many reasons. Professionals need updated tools to handle floor repairs for different materials.

Discuss the complete details with experts in flooring services to get guaranteed results.

What is the average cost of flooring ?

The company you hired for flooring services in Dallas, Texas decides the cost according to their experience. The second factor is the size of flooring in residential and commercial projects. Customers have many options for reliable flooring services in Dallas, Texas. Choose the best options after comparing different options for flooring.

Flooring FAQs: Your Questions Answered