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Insurance Claims


People know that construction is a risky business. General contractors need to take care of multiple things to avoid losses. Insurance claims are beneficial in covering damages in the construction industry. They are highly helpful to find financial support for property damages caused for many reasons. Filing a claim to the insurance companies is a lengthy process that needs every detail. People prefer to avoid such complex processes. They need a suitable service provider to tackle such problems.

Nowadays, people look for insurance solutions and general contractors in a single firm. Although all of these contractors do not take such responsibilities primarily, some of them can help you in this matter. It is because most general contractors have a deep understanding of insurance claims to prevent customers from heavy losses. They also document everything regarding the construction or remodeling project. Hence, filing a claim by using these details is easy for them. Fix, Hold & Flip Construction is a reliable name for years to fix claims issues in Dallas, Texas.

Fix Hold & Flip helps with insurance claims

We have a dedicated team to handle insurance claims for clients from beginning to end. Our staff works with an executable plan to solve financial strains regarding claims without wasting much time. We provide significant ease to our clients by providing such professional services to them. Our experts never leave you in the middle of the process. We stand by you till you get the compensation for your loss. Insurance firms need every single detail regarding the damage. We document everything that you would need to file a claim against an insurance firm. You can also get complete guidance regarding the process from our experienced professionals.

Associated with many insurance firms

We deal with hundreds of clients, and not all of them have bought insurance policies from the same firm. This is the reason; Fix Hold & Flip is associated with many insurance companies so that we can help you suitably.

We can easily deal with the claims that our clients want to file against our associative firms. They include Liberty Mutual Insurance, AEgis, USAA, Allstate, and StateFarm.

financing for your construction project

No doubt, construction, and remodeling are highly expensive in Dallas Texas. Some people cannot even afford such projects without appropriate funding. Fix Hold & Flip is here to resolve such problems for you. Being a reputable general contractor in Dallas Texas, we can help you meet your financial needs regarding your construction or renovation work. If you approach us, you can avail many advantageous financing options from GreenSky. The best part of such a financing facility is that you do not need to pay any interest if you return the whole amount within 12 months. Our Custom Financing Solutions also make it easy for you to apply for loans.