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Roofing Services

Fix, Hold & Flip is proud to be the best roofing solution provider across Dallas.

Working for 17 years, with a trained and highly skilled team, it’s our first priority to deliver a unique and matchless roofing experience beyond imagination.

Whether it’s your home or commercial building, you will get a premium roofing experience with Fix Hold & Flip; a leading name in roofing service provider across Dallas.

Top-Quality Roofing Solution In Dallas:

We offer various types of roofing which mainly includes:

1- Asphalt Shingles:

Asphalt Shingles emerged as a popular and cost-effective roofing system. It delivers sound mitigation and fire resistance at a very fair price.


2- Metallic Roofing:

Whatever the weather is, metallic roofing is capable to withstand it. It comes in various shades and finishes. It also can bear damage.

Whether it’s Asphalt Shingles, Metallic, or any other type of roofing, we care about your choice and requirement and with due precautions, we install and repair all roof designs to your space.

First of all, our experts will advise and suggest trending and latest designs and best roofing material according to your budget and then go for the right option for you. Our comprehensive services are here to assist you with all your roofing requirements in Dallas.

Which includes:

  • Roof installation
  • Roof Maintenance
  • Roof Inspection 
  • Roof Replacement

What’s Unique About Fix Hold & Flip Roofing Across Dallas:

We always pledge to exceed your expectations and provide you satisfaction by providing reliable and outstanding work quality. We install such roofs in your place that can:

  1. Protect from environmental effects
  2. Consists of insulating material
  3. Maintain the temperature

And all this is done with various ranges of materials that professionals of Fix Hold & Flip, a reputed company in Dallas, Texas, use.

Fix Hold & Flip’s Customer Care Policy:

Our clients have made us the best and most well-reputed company in providing roofing and other services. So, we work beyond measures to make our clients 100 % satisfied with our work quality. That’s why we offer customized services in roofing. We discuss project details on hand and then suggest all possible and latest roofing designs to our customers. We do not only start our project with the client’s consent but also terminate it with a call of contentment.  

Call Us to get FREE ESTIMATION about roof installation, repair, and maintenance near you, in your own area, Dallas, Texas.


Most Asked Questions About Roofing

How Important is a Roof in Construction?

A roof is a central part of any construction project that covers the whole building area. It is the first defence line against weather conditions for residential and commercial properties. A small crack or leakage in the roof can damage the whole structure in days.


What are The Best Roofing Options?

Customers have many roofing options from concrete to wood in Dallas, Texas. Tile and Shingles are advanced options people look for in roofing services. In the end, owners decide the best roofing option for them according to their needs. Find the best options by hiring a top-rated company for roofing services in your area.

What is The Average Cost of Roofing Services?

The average cost of the roofing services depends upon the experience of that team you hired for roofing services in Dallas, Texas. Companies charge based on square feet and hours for their services to customers. Discuss the details with experts to get better results regarding roofs.

What is The Role of Geography in Roofing?

No one can deny the role of geography in roofing services because roofs directly face climate change. Professionals test the durability of roofing by checking them with heat and other factors. This analysis is essential to ensure the longevity of roofing at residential and commercial properties.


What is Better Between Replacement or Repair?

Repair is all about covering small issues in roofing with possible means. Professionals prefer roof replacement after a guaranteed time than repair which means a new roof. It is better to discuss with experts of roofing services to reach any decision between repair and replacement.


What is The Average Period for Quality Roofing?

Quality roofs last for 15 to 20 years which depends upon the geological conditions of the area. Different roofing options have different lifespans for properties. Customers need to know the complete details before choosing any roofing option.


Are Energy-Effect Roofs Available?

Technology is updating options in roofing and other parts of construction. People are taking advanced options like energy-efficient roofs for their homes. It is possible to cut down energy expenses by installing these options. Reach experts in roofing services to explore new options for your roofs.


It is possible to extend the life of roofs by hiring a professional company for roofing services. Correct installation of roofing services plays its role. Proper maintenance and inspection ad more life to the roofing. Take the right decision by hiring the best company for roofing services.


Hiring The Right Contractor for Roofing Services?

Owners need a deep understanding of roofing to hire the right contractor for roofing services in Dallas, Texas. The best option will have extensive experience in concerned roofing option. Find the best option by taking help from your friends and family members to get desired results.


Can Roofs be Replaced in Winter?

Roof Replacement in winter is not a good idea according to many professionals. April and May are suitable months to replace roofs for customers. There is no hard and fast rule regarding the time for roof replacement. Share the details with experts to reach the best possible time.


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