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General contractors take responsibility to begin, proceed and finish the project assigned to them. People mostly call them for construction purposes. However, you can also benefit from their other services. They have highly qualified and trained staff to complete their tasks, suitably. They also resolve many of your problems and keep you easy throughout the process. Such services also focus on good quality work so that their customers get satisfied with their work.

Finding the right service provider is a matter of prime importance for the people. It is because a reputable firm always focuses on providing you with outclass and professional facilities. If you are looking for a commercial or residential general contractor in Dallas Texas, Fix Hold & Flip is an excellent choice for you.

Fix Hold & Flip is a local general contractor in Dallas Texas providing many top-notch services. We have a team of highly qualified workers who not only complete your project timely but also, take responsibility for providing the best quality. Our experts understand that you wish for the best, therefore you come to us. Respecting your choice we prioritize your requirements and accomplish your project to your satisfaction.

As a general contractor company, we try to make your dreams a reality so that you can enjoy them with full pleasure.


Licensed and insured

Certifications have become essential for companies to do business in a state. It is because people prefer to avail the services of a licensed firm. Fix Hold & Flip is working as a licensed and insured general contractor and construction firm for more than 17 years. Our certifications are proof that we are able to provide the services to our clients without any restriction. We also value the money and property of our clients. Therefore, we offer appropriate insurance solutions to our clients so that they do not face any losses. We are associated with many firms including AEgis Technologies, StateFarm, Allstate, Liberty mutual insurance, and USAA. Association with these insurance firms makes us eligible to resolve your many insurance problems. Our Financing options from Greensky are also beneficial for our clients.

Residential general contractor

People may require an experienced contractor to build a house for them. Fix Hold & Flip is here to provide the best services in this regard. Our experts communicate with our clients to understand their requirements regarding their home construction or remodeling. We also do our duties as a house remodeling contractor in Dallas Texas. We can renovate your room or the whole house without any worries. Our experienced professionals have significant knowledge of modern trends. Hence, they can create an innovative design for your house that you may like. We also strive to provide you with the best quality work that gives your long-lasting benefits.


Commercial general contractor

Commercial buildings are not easy to construct by common contractors. There are many complex steps that lead to a solid and elegant building. Fix hold & Flip is among the best commercial general contractors in Dallas Texas. It is because we keep our promises. Whether you want to make an office or any other commercial building, we are ready to initiate, carry on and complete the project without wasting much of your time. All the construction services related to your commercial building are available here. Hence, you don’t need to get in touch with more than one contractor to fulfill your requirements.

Feel free to contact us if you want to put your commercial project in the hands of a responsible and experienced construction company.

Frequently Asked Questions About
General Contractors in Dallas, Texas

Who are General Contractors?

General Contractors are responsible for hiring and managing sub-contractors to handle construction projects from the foundation. Contractors are directly involved with owners to deal with all the aspects of construction. They work closely with architects to get desired results for owners with their experience. Owners have many options whenever they need contracting services.

Difference Between General and Sub-contractor?

General contractors are responsible for handling the whole projects taken by owners. Sub-contractors handle only specific parts assigned by general contractors like roofing and flooring. Good results are the outcome of the mutual effort of both general and sub-contractors. In many cases, general contractors hire subcontractors for projects.

How Do General Contractors Work?

General contractors divide responsibilities into sub-contractors to give focus on every aspect. General contractors supervise the whole project according to the details provided by the owners. A contractor is a central figure in residential and commercial construction. General contractors in Dallas, Texas have a solid grip on all construction aspects.

What is Pre-construction?

Pre-construction is a phase of planning with architects and owners to reach an executable plan for construction. General contractors define their line of action in this phase before starting the project. Many professionals include budget estimation in this part for a better understanding.

Importance of Experience For General Contractors?

Experience matter the most for general contractors working in the construction industry. There is no other way to deal with construction matters without experience in residential and commercial projects. Experts always show their skills by putting effort into projects. Take the best option with the concerned experience for better results.

How do contractors charge customers?

General Contractors in Dallas, Texas have different standards to charge customers. Many contracting companies provide ease for clients to pay for their services. Upfront payment is a must part of construction deals. It is better to compare payment plans before hiring contractors for projects.

Do General Contractors Provide Insurance Claim Services?

Insurance claims cover property damages to save customers in any emergency. This process may include legal and insurance matters. Many contracting companies provide insurance claim services to facilitate customers. General contractors deal with these matters on customers’ behalf. Choose an experienced team to deal with these matters whenever you face this situation.

Difference between Commercial and Residential Contractors?

Residential contractors deal with specific projects like living compounds, housing societies, and individual houses for customers. Commercial contractors have a solid grip on building commercial plazas, malls, and other entities. General contractors having experience in a specific field are wise options for customers in Dallas, Texas.

Can Friends Help Find Professional General Contractors in Dallas, Texas?

Friends are always the best options to ask whenever you need general contracting services for residential and commercial projects. It is better to ask those people who have just finished their construction projects. Find the best team of general contractors for guaranteed results.

Are General Contractors Licensed?

General Contractors need licenses to operate in different areas for customers. It is recognition from the state of a company working in any area. Customers find peace of mind by getting services from licensed professionals. Contracting companies accomplish different goals to sustain their license for working in specific areas.


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