Bidder Beware: A questionable Universal Polerouter Sub with military markings

Okay, this Polerouter Sub is for sale in Japan by a very well known dealer that we actually visited. But it's a good example of a difficult situation where a likely counterfeit ends up in the hands of a good dealer, as we saw with the MKII / Racing Dial Speedmaster. The space in “GENE VE” on the dial shown here is characteristic of a second generation dial, which is where most counterfeiting occurs, but the real mark is the very creative markings on the caseback. These just don't look right to me, and while I fully trust Private Eyes, I think this is a case where I would stay away, proving once again that bad watches can end up in the hands of good people .

The description is partially correct, the Ranchero model is rare and nice, but this model is clearly not “100% original” as claimed. I won't play the percentage game, but the hands belong - at best - to a different omega line, and the fall back. It can be difficult to judge these Franken watches as all parts may come from the factory, but there is no room for mix and match when collecting vintage. The price on this Ranchero seemed too good to be true, and indeed it is.So you probably know Monaco from the hustle replica watches uk and bustle of Formula 1 racing and its swanky casinos. Sometimes they hold an auction of stunning watches, and then Bring A Loupe starts talking about geography. You can find the entire catalog in French here (PDF).Of the three Comex in this auction (yes three, I told you this auction was worth a look...) this 5513 (Lot 154) is by far my favorite. This reference marks the beginning of the relationship between Rolex and Comex that later gave rise to the Sea-Dweller. This 5513 looks almost like so many 5513s until you see the exhaust valve on the left side. It is in very good condition, although like all professional watches it wears many service parts, obviously the crown, insert and its tritium tip. It's also been polished, but for me, a logo-less Comex Sub with a helium exhaust valve is the ultimate in understated cool. Estimates range from $33,000 to $44,000. And the other two sea creatures offered the same day aren't bad either ( Reference 1665 and Reference 16600).