Gabreil and his team where very professional, taking ownership of what we were trying to get done to make our church damages from winter storm as good or better than new. Very happy with results.

G Last


Fix, Hold and Flip was a life saver for us. When our pipes burst during the snowstorm, we had a lot work that had to be done on our home. We needed new walls, floors, carpet, trim and more. Fix, Hold & Flip got the job done and did it efficiently. We were in constant contact with Gab and he made sure everything we wanted got done. Even the smallest details, Gab had no issues making sure they were done correctly. You never think you will have to put your entire house back together but we are so fortunate that we used Gab and Fix, Hold & Flip. This company's work is unmatched and they went above and beyond to make sure we got back into our home, better than what it was before. If you're ever looking for a company who cares about you and your home and not just turning a profit, Fix, Hold & Flip is it. It's also good to know if we ever have anything that needs to be fixed in our home, we can always contract them to get the job done.

Brittney & Dorrie Vaughn


Mero Jc


Derrick Mormon


I was looking for a builder to build my home and I was referred by a friend that use a contractor named Gabriel. I called him and he took me to all his house he built and show me pictures of the before and after and I was so surprised of his professionalism and the way that he was transparent! He help me with design and the build out and I was so happy with the result! Me and my wife are very happy on our new home!! He did everything custom to our expectations. I highly recommend him for any general construction needs and on any custom home build out!

Ossie Davis


The workers were courteous and respectful.
100 percent satisfied and would recommend them. Replaced roof and repaired master bedroom water damage. They were neat and tidy with their work environment. Always on time and dependable.

Delilah Morgan


I use Gabriel and his crew for a renovation. They came quick did an full inspection and Gabriel told me that he found also damage on the roof and the gutters. He help me file a claim and also gave me proposal for the renovation on kitchen and bathrooms. Next thing I know he got the roof paid by insurance company and I had a complete make over In the house. I am very happy of the outcome and highly recommend this company to help you on any work. I am looking forward on installing also solar panels next month in the house.

Rivera Calderon


I needed work done on my home. I wanted to renovate the kitchen, bathroom and the outside of the house I was referred by a friend of Fix Hold & flip construction and I spoke to Gabriel. He came and did a full inspection of the house and saw the vision. I wanted and he executed beautifully. I am very happy of my house as I wanted done. Gabriel did a great presentation and he's is very professional. I highly recommend using him and his crew.
He also help me with a roof damage claim and got that paid by insurance and he fix everything from the scope of work and helped me closed my claim. Very well rounded company.

Lawrence Yu-Rank


I was looking for a contractor to renovate my house that I wanted to flip. It was an old house that need it updates on everything! I was told that Gabriel and his crew are the company to use. And after seeing some of his past work I was confident on using him! He came over and did a complete evaluation of everything to add value to the house! He renovated the kitchen, bathrooms, windows and floors on the house! He picked in choose everything him self and dude a phenomenal job! The house sold immediately!! After this flip I will keep using Fix Hold & Flip Construction for many next flips and projects. I recommend Gabriel and his company!

Andres Escobar